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Funderburk conducting the Business of Art seminar

Waccamaw Arts and Crafts Guild, Myrtle Beach

August 2009

Funderburk with participant

Capturing the Spirit With Portraiture workshop

July 2007



Funderburk is currently scheduling workshops and seminars for 2014. Please check back soon for details.


"I have waited 20 years to hear what you had to say.... What you covered in your class should be mandatory for every art student."

participant,  Business of Art seminar


"I was given the inspiration and freedom to abstract the colors of the landscape in order to express my emotional response to it. Amy’s individual attention and advice was invaluable to me as I painted."

participant, Beyond Green: Using Color in the Landscape


Funderburk with participant

Sylvia Alderson, Beyond Green workshop

Nov. 2004, Winston-Salem, NC

(photo by participant Jackie Ogden)


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Funderburk offers a variety of Artists' workshop and seminar topics, including:


Alla Prima: Wet-in-Wet Painting

Glazing with Oils

Beyond Green: Using Color in the Landscape

The Key to Drawing:  Accessing the Right Brain

Capturing the Spirit with Portraiture

Psychology of the Self: the Art of the Self-Portrait

Exploring Color

Visual Complexity Through Pastel

Exploring the Dark Side: the Value of Values


The Business of Art


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